Remember the below post when we were looking for (now) Charlie a home!?!  Well he now lives happily with my sister-in-law to be’s parents!  Charlie loves to go to work, walks at the park, and  weekends at the farm with his new family!  Thank you to everyone who participated in helping look for Charlie [Clark] his new home! (I am not going to apologize for all the exclamations of excitement : )

Photo Credit to Kelly C.



The perfect combination of house trained and sweet.  Whilst visiting Katelyn and Michael (blog post to come)- Katelyn and I picked up this little guy from the snow trenched highway ditch in Springfield.  Clark road on my lap and snuggled the whole way home.  Clark has since come home with Andy and I, we have found that he is house trained, will tolerate other dogs (Stanley was the real test here- and he is undoubtedly good with kids, if he tolerates Stanley… not sure about cats though), and is the sweetest little snuggler your family ever did need.  We have considered trying to get rid of  Stanley and keeping Clark, but seeing as  Stanley was here first, we are trying to find Clark a good home.  He came without a collar or microchip, and Katelyn trekked through the falling snow to all nearby houses to check if they were Clarks home- to no avail.  Needless to say, Clark needs a great home.

About Clark.  We think he is a beagle/corgi/basset mix.  He is apparently house trained, loves to cuddle, doesn’t bark, ‘comes’ better than Stanley does, is great on a leash AND he comes with his vaccinations.  He weighed 35lbs when we took him to the vet, and has flea and tick medicine for this month.  The vet thought he was about 1 year old, he has young teeth- but an old soul.  He just needs to be neutered, and probably needs a fence, or on leash outside.  If you or anyone you know might want him, PLEASE contact me (913.710.9126) or Katelyn (573.355.7124 or ) and SHARE THIS POST with them.  He would be the EASIEST dog/puppy to integrate into your home.


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