True False Weekend03.09.2015

This weekend was a whirlwind from Columbia, to STL, to Columbia back to KC.  Christine and Aaron’s wedding was a blast, it was such an honor to play a part in their wedding!  Catching up with my #MUPT homies is always quality time I look forward to.  AND I am excited to say Dana and Eric are expecting a little tiger!  Then True False film festival, and seeing my KC frans.  True False is truly wonderful, and each year gets better and better, I was excited to catch one last film on my way back to KC.



IMG_2316 IMG_2302IMG_2563 IMG_2582 IMG_2584AMH__Dana+1_TrueFalse__2015__48-2 AMH__Dana+1_TrueFalse__2015__37 AMH__Dana+1_TrueFalse__2015__27 AMH__Dana+1_TrueFalse__2015__22 AMH__Dana+1_TrueFalse__2015__15 AMH__Dana+1_TrueFalse__2015__10 AMH__Dana+1_TrueFalse__2015__6AMH__Dana+1_TrueFalse__2015__50AMH__Dana+1_TrueFalse__2015__49AMH__Dana+1_TrueFalse__2015__51AMH__Dana+1_TrueFalse__2015__53AMH__Dana+1_TrueFalse__2015__54

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